Eliminate Bed Bugs with Steve's Termite and Pest Control in Sarasota, FL

Have Bed Bugs Invaded Your Florida Home?

At Steve's Termite & Pest Control Company we realize that bed bugs are one of the most sensitive pest issues homeowners in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice and throughout Florida contend with.

That's because a great majority of people believe that a bed bug problem is a result of unsanitary conditions and if your home becomes infested with bed bugs it is assumed that you keep a dirty home. What's more bed bugs are mainly active at night when they come out for a blood meal.

Though they do not carry diseases they will feed on the blood of your family and pets when they are asleep and most vulnerable. Masters at avoiding detection bed bugs often congregate during the day in hard to see areas such as:

    • Furniture cracks and crevices
  • • Bed frames, mattresses and linens
  • • Behind electrical outlets and switch plates
  • • Under flooring
  • • On computers and other belongings

If left unaddressed bed bug infestations can rapidly escalate into a major problem that threatens the well being of your family. If you suspect bed bugs have been introduced into your home on luggage, used clothing or furniture or on a visitor who may have been exposed to an infestation, contact Steve's Pest Control right away.