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All About Bedbugs

Bed bugs are thought to have emerged from the Middle East. Loving all temperate climates, the ancient bedbug crawled into the clothing and luggage of international travelers, and thus invaded the world.

These night time blood suckers can hide in crevices as thin as a credit card.

As recently as the 1990's bedbugs were thought to have largely disappeared, but now the wingless, brown and burnt orange parasite has made a ferocious comeback. From Maine to Hawaii, bedbug infestations have shown up everywhere ,increasing alarms from public health officials.

Bedbugs haven't changed much over the decades, but bedbug treatment has come a long way. The eradication of the stubborn bed bug has proven to be a growth industry. There are many websites that deal with bedbug treatment, offering advice on encasing mattresses in plastic, which products to use for eradication, where to hire bedbug sniffing dogs.

Bed bugs can be found in luxury condos and five-star hotels as readily as public housing projects and community shelters. Bedbugs will also feed on the family pet.

Bedbugs don't transmit diseases, but they're more than a minor nuisance. They're fast-breeding who prey on your mental well-being as sure as they prey on your blood. What kind of quality of life can one enjoy if one dreads going to sleep?

You can't go wrong calling a professional exterminator to deal with a confirmed bedbug infestation. But if you want to pursue a do-it-yourself strategy, the first thing to do is arm yourself with a flashlight and a vacuum cleaner.