Eave Pest Control Treatment from Steve's Termite and Pest Control in Sarasota, FL

Eave Treatment

One of our most popular services is our eave treatment.

Every time you receive a scheduled service you can expect to find your eaves swept and pest free. In addition to keeping your eaves looking good, this service is a very critical part to controlling spider populations.

Many of the spiders around your home will come from eggs and nests in the eave areas.

Your service technician will remove all spider activity in order to prevent them from having free reign around your home. Sweeping eaves is critical for treating spiders because it gets rid of their food source.

Your service technician will also remove all wasp's nests and break up mud dauber's nests. These active areas will then be treated to help prevent activity from reoccurring. We can reach up to 25 feet high around your home in all of the eaves, door frames, and window edgings.

Target Pests:
  • • Spiders
  • • Wasps
  • • Dirt Daubers